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Career as a Referral at Apollosaral chits

Being a Apollosaral chits referral is much like starting your own business. Except that it offers all the perks of independence, without the liabilities.
Apollosaral chit’s financial referral is an integral part of the Apollosaral chit’s family. On the one hand, they build financial freedom for thousands of individuals across the country. On the other, they enjoy the freedom of determining their own pay check and the flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

Why Join Us?[ top ]

There are several reasons to become a Apollosaral chits Financial Referral. These are just the top 10 golden opportunities.

1. Unlimited earnings
2. Flexible work timings as per your convenience
3. Get professional world-class training
4. Be your own boss
5. Best in class Rewards and Recognition Schemes which include a host of foreign trips and other rewards
6. Supplement your present income
7. Make the best use of your contacts
8. Fulfill your dreams
9. Develop a lifetime career in a noble profession with one of the best chit company in the State. For chits is not just about selling or financial planning. It’s about helping people find peace of mind and providing a new lease of life to those who’ve suffered a loss.

As a chit Referrals, what does your profile entail?[ top ]

  •   Identifying prospects
  •   Determining their needs
  •   Offering the right solution
  •   Collecting references
  •   Enhancing knowledge
  •   Being compliant and ethical
  •   Being disciplined

Career Skill Training (CST) – taking the first step.[ top ]

Our training program focuses on developing skills, knowledge and competencies through a high-quality curriculum, and allows you to gain the experience you need to succeed in a chit career. The program is divided into several components:
  •   Training on knowledge and skills
  •   On-the-job training
CST trains you and it also integrates the additional skills that differentiate a Apollosaral chits Referrals from the others in the industry. On your prospecting, target marketing, need-based selling, and customer service skills. Even after your initial training is over, Apollosaral chits will continue to help you refine your skills. Classes, self-study courses, and the attainment of professional designations will always be an important part of your ongoing training.

What is my career path?[ top ]

As a Apollosaral chits Referrals in an Chit career, you have the choice of building your own practice to advice customers. Or you can develop your managerial skills to manage your own team of Referrals. So it's up to you to decide which career path you want to follow, and then put in the necessary efforts to achieve your goals. Our Pegasus program also offers you the opportunity to join Apollosaral chit’s management as a Team Manager, Trainer or in Operations.

What support will I get? [ top ]

Work Space Support: We provide you with telephones and computers to help you set appointments, conduct your business, and review your performance.

Marketing and Sales Support : Make use of the numerous innovative tools to help ensure that when it comes to closing the sale, you are definitely a step ahead.

Managerial Guidance : With the guidance and support of our highly experienced managers, you will discover several opportunities to increase your sales and service your existing customers and referrals.

What kind of compensation and rewards do I receive?[ top ]

Apollosaral chits Referrals enjoy some of the most attractive compensation packages in the chit industry. These packages are commission-based and competitive.

Professional recognition[ top ]

Our challenging and exciting Rewards & Recognition program offers added incentives. Contests, conferences, and benefits at various levels enable you to realize your true potential, and inspire you to scale greater heights. Each year, sales leaders who meet challenging company standards, receive impressive awards and invitations to attend Apollosaral chits prestigious conferences, within India and abroad.

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